Alex has a unique bodywork practice offering several distinct modalities of mind-body therapies that he has found work together effectively to treat the entire human being including the body’s structure, fascial web, energy system, and nervous system.  Alex employs some or all of these methods with his clients depending on their unique interests and needs.  Work with Alex typically begins with a 90 minute Introductory session where he will assess your needs, goals, and condition and develop a treatment strategy.

Integral Bodywork® and Zen Bodytherapy® are both systems of Structural Integration following Ida Rolf’s detailed and thorough approach to working through the body in a comprehensive way over the course of ten sessions.  This approach seeks to resolve structural, postural, and energetic aberrations in the body and align and balance it within the field of gravity.

Myofascial Release® as developed by John Barnes, offers a gentle method of tracing and releasing tension patterns in the body’s connective tissue, or fascia, as well as the craniosacral system.  Making use of time combined with sensitive touch, this method is very effective for myriad musculoskeletal dysfunctions such as TMJ, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and physical and emotional trauma from surgeries or injury.

Zero Balancing® is a potent energy/structural modality that uses focused touch to assess and balance the alignment and energetic flow through the skeletal system.  Based on the traditional Chinese energy model of the body, this system works to treat the deepest currents of energy running in the body at the level of bone.

Somatic Experiencing® is a powerful talk-based therapy used to explore and track the nervous system and the body as a way to increase capacity and resiliency, promote groundedness and body-felt awareness, and release tension, stress, and the imprints of traumatic experiences.  It was developed by pioneering trauma researcher and therapist Peter Levine.

TRE® Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises work with the nervous system and the body’s ability to release tension, stress, and held trauma via a gentle shaking process common to all mammals.  A self-care method that can be used at home once learned, this work activates the body’s innate “tremor mechanism” that serves to balance the nervous system, release muscle tension, and promote healing.

Alex uses his extensive background in Zen meditation and martial arts training to deliver bodywork that is sensitive, powerful and facilitates deep and lasting change in his clients.  In his work he seeks change ‘from the inside out’ with special attention given to deep release in the iliopsoas muscle group in the lower abdomen and pelvis, commonly referred to as the body’s core.

Alex serves people of all ages, sizes, orientations, beliefs, socio-economic backgrounds, political leanings, and identities.  If you are of limited means, please ask Alex about a sliding scale, a discount through his bodywork journaling program, or his Dane County TimeBank offerings.



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